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Lahore Master Plan Map 2050 | Complete Details

Lahore Master Plan Map 2050 Urbanization, one of the key challenges of the new millennium, is taking place at a rapid rate and is unstoppable. The scale and complexity of urban problems are intensifying everywhere. Therefore, the urbanizing cities need to revisit and revitalize their strategic planning processes to address their future economic, social and environmental needs. Since a robust relationship exists between urbanization and per capita income, the cities have to urbanize to upgrade to the status from developing to developed cities. The cities in Punjab are not only confronted with the task of managing unprecedented population growth, but are also under tremendous pressure to adequately cope with the resultant demands on urban land and infrastructure services.

Lahore Master Plan Map 2050

The Government of the Punjab intends to develop urban areas of the Province as sustainable, livable and well managed engines of economic growth. The City of Lahore and its surrounding towns have expanded greatly accommodating large population of the Province, and hence require a comprehensive, strategic, regional, and long-term plan.

Therefore, Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has been assigned the task to prepare the “Master Plan for Lahore Division – 2050 (MPLD-2050)”. Since the scope of this Plan will be regional, Lahore Development Authority shall be the Client on behalf of all Districts of Lahore Division including Lahore, Sheikhupura, Kasur and Nankana Sahib.


According to the 2021 plan, Defence Road, Multan Road, and Ferozepur Road were supposed to be urbanized in a period of 20 years. Industrial zones were proposed to be created in and around different parts of the city. A focus on health, education and recreational areas and facilities was also proposed. To cater to the need for the provision of houses to poor and low-income families and the development of communities that are marked safe for living, locations for low-income housing were also proposed in the 2021 master plan for Lahore.

Lahore Master Plan Map 2050

There were a lot of different issues that were highlighted in the Lahore Master Plan – 2021 after analyzing the existing situation of the city. Most of these were categorized in the following five types:

  • Land management and housing
  • Traffic and Transportation
  • Sustainable living environment
  • Urban governance
  • Finance

In this update, the LDA witnessed an increase in the population of Lahore of about 12.6 million in the coming 28 years, and the available space in the city for houses is only nine million. So, the management decided to accommodate the remaining population on the northern side outside the city. According to the projections of Lahore Master Plan 2050, the population of the city will witness an increase of 12.6 million in the next 28 years, while the recommended housing within the boundaries of the city is only nine million. Housing for the remaining population is recommended outside the city on the northern side. There you have it — all the important information on the Lahore Master Plan 2050. For more updates regarding the mega urban development project, keep checking back.

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